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The A-Team of Faith Update: President Barack Obama Oh Crap The Sky Is Falling Don't Believe Everything Chicken Licken Say The Numbers Don't Add Up And Mitt Romney Silly People Money Is For The Rich. Hello I'm Minister Larry Cornelius Sr. it's time for every middle class American with the elections several weeks from today to choose 'Head of State' of the United States of America Lord middle class Americans it's time to break out the calculator's and go figure out for ourselves Mitt Romney's economic plan for the middle class American starting with his plan to spend billions of tax dollars building 15 ships a year 150 ships over the course of fours which will include new tanks guns and other war-related mass of destruction weapons not to forget folks, his plans to spend tons of money by way of taxes to give warlords ( those who promise to protect America's interest yea that always work right 'wrong dah) tons of hard earn tax dollars on the Bush plan which is to blow up everything and spend tons of Americans hard earned tax dollars to build everything back up we blowed up including the cost to human lives in some unfortunate cases during war time turmoil overseas. Words of wisdom middle class Americans better recognize here's where you better break out the calculators and add to the equation ...where will the money come from when Mitt Romney's economic plan does not include taxing the rich. Hint or may we, middle class folks the money by way of increase taxes will ...

  1. J Thom
    Hear that people? The government actively disarms the citizenry so that they have no means to protect themselve against corrupt and murderous government, soldiers, police, organized crime... NEVER give yours up!!
    May 5, 2015
  2. Andy Ayala
    Yet Obama says Venezuela is a threat and has no human rights, but Mexico is just alright with him.
    May 5, 2015
  3. Chuffererd
    It's all the US has ever done since the second world war. Everything they have ever done was to steel wealth from people. The reason the west is rich is on the backs of the rest of the world. They pollute and toxify and who pays the price for the consu
    May 4, 2015
  4. Rachel Golem
    Somehow, I just knew, you would blame this on white Americans who have never been to Mexico!!!!
    May 4, 2015